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A few months ago, DITTO offered me a couple of Endless Eyewear trials to give to friends or family. I immediately asked my sister if she wanted to try it - and for a very specific reason: she's adventurous when it comes to sunglasses. Just a quick glance at some of her recent facebook profile pictures highlights more styles and shapes of sunglasses than I've tried in my entire life:

 photo alysun_zps1t7vdjb1.jpg

She jumped at the chance, created an account, and quickly started adding sunglasses she loved to her favorites list. And immediately, I knew I'd made a good decision, because she was liking all of the pairs I loved but was too afraid to try. She's gotten a few pairs now and even took one pair to Mexico with her - so I thought I'd give a quick rundown of the ones she's tried so far. I know she has another pair on their way to her right now, so I'll have to do an updated post once her 3-month trial wraps up. And at that point, I'm going to beg her to write the post and share her *real, unfiltered* reactions with you guys about DITTO, the Endless Eyewear process, and her hits & misses with actual glasses. 

First up, she got the Vera Wang Nolita sunnies: 

 photo IMG_3835_zps491nbbjr.jpg

I think these have been her favorite so far, but in the early days of her membership, she wanted to try as many as possible, so she quickly sent them back. I love all the colors in these ones - in different pictures, they caught different light, making them look like different sunglasses! 

Next up, these amazing leopard print sunnies from  Matthew Williamson

 photo IMG_5062_zps9yh9znb2.jpeg

I loved how bright these were, the shape on her face, and the cat-eye in gold instead of in the pattern. And she liked all of those things too, but she hated that it was animal print. So back they went!

To take to Mexico for a week with my parents and her boyfriend, she had the red voyager sunnies from Westward Leaning

 photo IMG_6321_zpsox3ng2bz.jpeg

I picked this photo because I love how you can see her black & white tile floor in the reflectiveness of the glasses. Having red lenses was super fun while she was on vacation too - I find that's when I'm most able to take risks! I liked these so much on her that I ordered them for myself...and hated them! But that's the benefit of the Endless Eyewear program - you can swap as many times as you want without being penalized for it, or you can keep a pair as long as you want - even forever if you want to buy them!

Overall, she's having a blast trying out new shapes, styles, and colors. And I love knowing that she might find a pair she loves...and I'll be able to get them for her when her birthday/Christmas rolls around later this year! 

As a reminder, you all can try DITTO for one month free using code BMARIE35 on their site here: - and after that, it is only $24 per month. I think right now is the perfect time to try it out - Spring Break trips and finally sunshine every day, anyone? :)  

Which of these 3 are your favorite? And which ones should she try next? 

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Posted on March 25, 2016 and filed under Sissy Style.