About Bri Marie

I'm a 28-year-old living in Seattle with a kick-ass sales job at an up-and-coming tech company. I live with my amazing fiancé Travis and our quirky cat Amos. 

I started taking pictures of my outfits in 2010 so that when I couldn't figure out what to wear, I could pull up an old outfit and get inspired. My need for inspiration grew outside my own photo albums and I started following fashion blogs, pinterest boards, and ripping pages out of magazines. My friends convinced me to start contributing, and Work Clothes, I Suppose was born.

Outside of clothes, you'll hear me talking a lot about the Seahawks, my love of red wine and good food, and my time spent on the road for work. 

This blog, like my life, is a work in progress. 
Thanks for stopping by. 
Posted on November 20, 2014 .