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Happy Easter, everyone!


at home

We got a new rug for the living room and I couldn't love it more than I do. Next up: new ottoman to match the rest of the living room, and then we'll be done! Well, I'd like to add in some throw pillows, but until I find the perfect ones (why is this so hard for me?!), that can wait.






tray on ottoman




c table



I snagged a couple of things during the LOFT sale last week, including

this top



can't stop raving about. I've already worn it, and I'm also in love. I'll show off a couple of other new purchases later this week, as well.



I got my first Le Tote with


 I like in it. Usually I can find something I like, but in this one, I wore

one of the two necklaces

, and I hated the way it felt super cheap on me all day. First of all, they sent me a pair of

cotton shorts

? I didn't even post a picture because they were so awful. Also - who can wear short in Seattle right now? No one. Then, this shirt that wouldn't stop looking wrinkled, even after ironing. And a muscle-tee-like dress that was awful and not flattering (

also isn't flattering on the model)

. It all went straight back, which is a huge

benefit of Le Tote

, frankly. I don't have to wait another month for a tote I like; the new one will be headed my way by tomorrow! You guys know how much I love Le Tote usually, so having one bad tote really isn't the end of the world (or my subscription - I like it too much!).



We tried Blue Apron for the first time this week. We've cooked two of the three meals we were sent so far, and will be cooking the third one soon. Overall thoughts? Meal one was insanely spicy, and meal two had almost no flavor at all. It was


but we won't be ordering it again anytime soon. I love to cook, but don't always have time to meal plan and grocery shop, so I thought I would love it. But I realized that I really like the creativity involved in cooking without perfectly measured ingredients that come with very specific instructions. But β€” I can


 see where this would be an awesome service for people. Just not me.


 in love

You guys may have seen that I got some baby chicks...without Travis's permission. He came home to cocktails, of course. And he's coming around - we picked out a chicken coop for them yesterday and he's starting to get excited about all of the fresh eggs we're going to have.

Grapefruit Cocktail: muddle a grapefruit slice, 1tsp of honey, and a sugar cube. Add 1 ounce bourbon, the juice from the rest of the grapefruit, and a little bit more honey if it isn't sweet enough for you. Shake and serve over ice with a sprig of rosemary. It is definitely our favorite on rotation right now!


 this week

A post about the chickens, most likely. 

Some more outfits containing a piece from

the Top 10 featured here

A post about hair.

Some talk of breakfast.

Posted on April 5, 2015 .