Wedding Update: Wedding Weekend

I'm still waiting on the professional photos from the wedding (should have them any day now!) but thought I'd swing in and show you a few photos from the weekend. 

Travis and I were lucky enough to have my parents rent a house in the resort of our venue from Thursday - Monday, so we knew we'd spend all of that time up in the mountains, hopefully with lots of relaxation and rest before the wedding - and after, before the honeymoon. We got just that, and so much more, thanks to our friends and family who came up with us to help out. 

Now, on to the crappy iPhone pictures:

Wednesday (last day in Seattle):
The socks we had ordered for Travis and his groomsmen got stolen from our front porch, but the company was nice enough to overnight some more to my office. Had to snap a quick pic to show Travis.

My co-workers are the sweetest! Flowers from the market and a note that made me realize just how soon the big day was!

Thursday (we arrive at Suncadia):
My sister (MOH), Kendra (bridesmaid), and Darrel (cousin & wedding day-of savior) flew in the day before and drove up with us, so we (and my parents) headed over to the winery to show them just how good the food and wine would be for the wedding. It was great to get some extra time with them as they did so much over the course of the weekend to make sure everything went off perfectly. 

Friday (rehearsal day):

The day started with a trip to the spa, where we got manicures/pedicures (Travis got a massage), had lunch, and relaxed for hours. It was the best way to spend the day. 

These girls are the greatest. And they kind of accidentally coordinated their outfits - black, cream, dusty pink, and gray anyone? 

Our friend Joey married us, which meant lots of laughs as Darrel helped us walk through the ceremony.

These guys made the weekend so much fun for Travis - and for everyone else in attendance. 

I had two bridal showers, and we combined all of the bows & ribbons into the hugest bow-quet ever. It as super fun to have during the rehearsal and Darrel was oh-so-happy to lug it around for me. :) (Mom with the photobomb.)

Saturday (wedding day) - these pictures will get a post or two of their own.

Sunday (Super Bowl day):
We just had to sneak outside before the game to enjoy some snow and show off our new rings! A win would have really sealed this weekend's awesomeness, but it was fun to relax in the big cozy cabin for a day even if we were watching a really depressing loss. 

On Monday we headed back down to Seattle, ran errands all day, and got ready for our honeymoon, which started early Tuesday morning. 

Piece of advice to those of you planning a wedding: Our wedding venue was 90 minutes away, and we headed up on Thursday, which forced me to have EVERYTHING DONE by that time. It meant that we didn't have to do a lot of wedding stuff once we got there, which was amazing. I highly recommend picking somewhere a little bit out of the way to avoid the procrastination and errand-running so many of my friends had to do day-before and day-of. Okay, advice rant over. 

Travis and I had dreamed of having a wedding that included all of our family & friends and yet was still a bit of a destination, and we totally achieved that by using Swiftwater Cellars at Suncadia. Can't wait to show you more in the next few weeks!
Posted on March 3, 2015 .