Trav and Bri, Recently: vol3


at home

We've been making an effort to get all of our art and photos and mirrors hung in the house. First step was getting the bedroom wall ready, as we're going to fill the three white frames with some of our favorite wedding photos. The piece on the far left is from my sister - during my bachelorette party, she asked Travis a bunch of questions, and then I had to try to answer them. She put all of the questions and answers on a canvas for us, which I absolutely LOVE glancing at before bed.

We also updated our bedding for spring/summer. Ignore the messy side tables...I was mid-organizing when I took these photos. 



I got Travis some fun shoe laces recently, and with the nicer weather, it was finally time to swap them into his work shoes.  The blue ones are the new ones, and so far I'm loving how they add an extra spot of color to his suits for work.



I went to a friend's bachelorette party last weekend, and snapped a couple of mirror pictures before I left. These shoes were a late-fall purchase, and I absolutely love them with these black skinny jeans. It was the first time I'd worn them with something other than a dress.

And here I am with the bride-to-be Katie and our other friend Stephanie:



A glass of wine and dinner with my grandma for her 96th birthday. And yes, I realize I'm insanely lucky to have (hopefully) inherited such amazing genes. Check


for a collage of the last three years of celebration. 


 in love

This weekend Travis and I out on the Washington coast razor clamming with Travis's cousin Jeff & his wife Chelan. It'll be a rainy but extremely fun weekend trying something we haven't done before. Taking advantage of all the greatness this state has to offer is something I don't do often enough, so I'm really glad when I do have the chance to do it. I'm sure I'll take some photos and include them in next week's post!

Posted on March 22, 2015 .