Trav and Bri, Recently: vol2




Last week I talked about painting a renovation we had done while we were on our honeymoon. Here are the before/after pictures of our kitchen renovation:


 In the middle of cleaning out some cupboards to empty them for the project, I snapped a couple of pictures - it wasn't always this chaotic in here! This is the view from the back door of the kitchen & (through the door) the dining room.

View of kitchen doorway and wall from dining room perspective.


We had them remove a big chunk of the wall and match the arch to the other parts of the house. Now we can see from one room to the next, engage with people while cooking during dinner parties without everyone having to pile into the kitchen, and use our speakers and natural light more efficiently across the whole main floor of the house. 



My black flats died when I was in Portland for work a couple of weeks ago, and I've been on the hunt for some inexpensive new ones. I finally picked


up at Nordstrom and I'm loving them. 

Also, the dress I wore in Tuesday's post is

on sale at LOFT

right now, and I think it is going to be the perfect dress for the next few months of seasonal transition from winter to spring and spring to summer. I'm on the hunt for some cute sneakers to wear it with for a casual weekend look. Do I go with


or something

less identifiable?



There are a few outfits that didn't make the blog, because I didn't get very good pictures of them. I'm working on a plan for the days I am out of town for business travel, but for now, cell phone pics are all your'e gonna get.





tassel necklace







Sissy and her boyfriend recently moved into a new house in Portland, so when I was down there earlier this week on business, I had to stop by and have a home-cooked meal in their new place. We ate, toured the new digs, and enjoyed a glass of wine while looking through wedding photos. It was the perfect night with this one.


in love

I've filled out all of my paperwork to change my name, and now I just need to make it down to the Social Security Office, DMV, and Passport Office in the next few weeks. Then its off to the banks and other places that will need to know. I've switched my email (both personal and work) to help people get in the habit of it, so y'all can call me Mrs. Briana Clark now! 

Posted on March 15, 2015 .