On My Birthday

I've been 29 for a week now. And guess what? Nothing feels different! I'm not a big birthday person - I mean, I love celebrating each year, but I don't feel like a birthday can really change a person. I have a hard time understanding people who lie about their age, hide their age, or panic over a big birthday. My grandmothers are both still alive - one is 95 and one is 96, and I hope that I live every year like they have: proud of making it to each and every number they are able to hit. 

Anyway, this is what I wore on my birthday. I went to work, just like any other day, and had meetings with partners and customers, just like any other day. I'm basically in a suit, but with a tee I got on a crazy sale at Banana Republic. 

Which reminds me...next week is Third Thursday Threads, and I'm asking you all to link up an outfit that contains an item you got on sale. I'm dying to hear your sale secrets and to see your sale finds. 

Tee: Banana Republic (sold out online, similar)
Blazer: BP (similar)
Slacks: Vince Camuto
Wedges: Nine West
Watch: Shinola

After work my mom took me out to dinner at Momiji for a tasting menu, and it was incredible. And it was kind of nice to have my mom to myself - no dad, sister, or Travis there - just the two of us! Travis was at school (night school for wine-making!) so he and I went to dinner to celebrate on Friday night. But that watch right there - that's the one he got me! 

Posted on March 12, 2015 .