No Leggings at Work

When I moved from marketing to sales, I created a few clothing rules for my new job. The biggest impact has been from the "no leggings to work" rule. In my marketing job, there would be days where I was sure I wouldn't be seeing anyone important enough to care what I was wearing, so leggings worked just fine for work. I would dress them up in some way, ensure I had a tunic-length top on, and go crazy. 

But now, I have to be ready at any point for a customer or partner to call and ask me to swing by, or to come through the office, and so I have to be dressed for those situations. I figured I wouldn't really miss leggings for work because I'd have plenty of days where I could wear them as I work from home, and there's always weekends, when I can wear comfortable-cozy-casual outfits like this one.

Leggings: Zella
Tank: Target (similar)
Sweatshirt: Le Tote
Boots: Franco Sarto
Scarf: BP (similar)

I put my Le Tote membership on hold while we were busy getting married and traveling around Africa, and when my first tote came this week (automatically, I might add) I was so excited to see what was included. I'm not a huge fan of the side-zip, to be honest, as it just adds a bit of bulk that I don't really need in my hips. But for a casual errand-running outfit like this, it was cozy and pretty dang perfect. I love that I feel no obligation to buy the pieces in my tote - this one will definitely go back, and more exciting pieces will come in its place!

Posted on March 9, 2015 .