March Budget

I didn't do any budget tracking on the blog to start the year, but I was still tracking at home. Instead of doing a huge catch-up post, I figure I can just start being better now, with March.

Here's what I bought:

Sneakers ($14) |  Necklace ($18) |  Tee ($44)  |  Flats ($50) |  Wedges ($0 - used gift card!)

March Total: $126

The black wedges and flats I really needed for work, and the Le Tote tee and necklace were so unlike anything else I had, I couldn't send them back. I wore the Le Tote necklace 3 times before sending back the rest of the tote, and I knew I had to keep it. The sneakers are something I've been wanting forever, and after talking with Anne a bit, I realized it was time to make a purchase. I went the inexpensive route to see how I like them, and I'm thinking I may need an upgrade when these wear out based on how much I'm wearing them!
Posted on March 30, 2015 .