Help Us Name Our Chicks

Hey everyone! This spring Travis and I decided to get a few chicks to raise into egg-laying hens. We need some help coming up with names for these adorable little girls that will suit them as they grow up into old ladies. 

They are all different breeds, so in the photo below you can kind of see the differences:

The lady on the left is a Barnevelder - she'll be big and brown/black and lay brown eggs. 
Clockwise from her up top is a Rhode Island Red - she's really cute now and will hopefully stay that way.
Continuing clockwise is a Blue Cochin - she'll lay brown eggs and will be gray when she grows up.
Lastly we have the little Black Sexlink - she's the littleist and right now is my favorite (but don't tell the others).

Anyway, leave a comment with your name ideas! I'll make sure to share more pictures and their names once we have them all picked out!

Posted on March 31, 2015 .