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I'm currently traveling through Africa on my honeymoon, but I've lined up a handful of guest posts from my favorite blogs while I'm gone. Enjoy!

If you guys have been reading my blog for long, you know that I such at thrift shopping. But Jen is amazing at it, so I thought it would be fun to have her post some of her amazing thrift store finds. Enjoy!

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Hey y'all! Bri's blog has been on my Blog Love list for a long time, and I regularly participate in her "Third Thursday Threads" style challenges, so I'm super excited to be guesting for her today while she's on her honeymoon. Congratulations, Bri!! My blog, Librarian for Life + Style, chronicles my personal style journey as a librarian on a budget. And one way I help stay on budget is by incorporating thrifted finds into my wardrobe. I live in Portland, Oregon, and we have a lot of great thrift and resale shops here, so I've found myself thrifting more frequently. I thought I'd share with y'all a few outfits featuring items I've thrifted or fashion-swapped. Librarian for Life + Style Original post here. I thrifted this dress at a local resale shop for only a few dollars, and the belt was free at a fashion swap a couple of years ago. Fashion swaps can yield awesome results, and it also helps you clean out your own closet. (The idea is to bring a few items from your closet while other friends do the same, and then you exchange, or swap, items.) I've found the best fashion swaps to be more informal affairs with friends, so the atmosphere is more welcoming and supportive rather than being competitive. Librarian for Life + Style Original post here. I've found resale boutiques better shopping experiences in general than more traditional thrift shops or discount stores. I can get easily overwhelmed and frustrated wading through bins and bins and racks upon racks, so I find smaller resale boutiques more enjoyable to shop at. I scored this awesome retro-inspired floral frock this past summer at one of my favorite resale shops. I paired it here with a vintage wicker-and-bakelite purse I picked up at a Chicago antiques and art fair many years ago. Librarian for Life + Style Original post here. Another find from a local resale boutique -- my husband actually spotted this fabulous purple-and-olive plaid houndstooth coat, and I love it! I picked up this vintage beret years ago in Texas, at a vintage thrift shop. Librarian for LIfe + Style Original post here. Another thrifted coat that my husband found while we were shopping at a local resale boutique. This one was a major score, as I detailed here in this post. Resale boutiques in nicer neighborhoods can often include higher-end labels and great deals, which was the case for this wool swing coat. I love its retro shape and classic plaid pattern. Librarian for Life + Style Original post here. This was one of the first items I scooped up at my first fashion swap! I've noticed a theme for items I gravitate toward while thrifting or fashion-swapping. I tend to choose items that have an interesting pattern and/or detailing -- perhaps so they feel more special to me? As you can see, I like to incorporate thrifted finds into my regular wardrobe. I find it helps mix things up and add special details and accents to outfits. There are also many different ways to thrift and save money while shopping, ranging from vintage and resale shops to more traditional thrift or consignment stores to fashion-swapping. Thanks again, Bri, for the opportunity to blog-sit for you while you're enjoying your honeymoon! Feel free to stop by my blog, Librarian for Life + Style, for more librarian style and thrifting adventures!
Posted on February 9, 2015 .