Guest Post: In Residence

I'm currently traveling through Africa on my honeymoon, but I've lined up a handful of guest posts from my favorite blogs while I'm gone. Enjoy!

I've been inspired by Anne for a long time, as her style is exactly where I dream of mine being. We have a handful of really similar items, which makes it easy for me to translate her totally-pulled-together looks into my less-organized wardrobe. She also does a great job documenting life as a new mom, and I've filed away lots of advice for the future :)

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Hi Work Clothes, I Suppose friends! I'm Anne, an English major turned work-from-home editor, mom to a sweet redheaded little man, and wife to a doctor-in-training who is finally in his fifth and final year of residency. In all my spare time, I’m an amateur blogger and runner and an accomplished restaurant explorer, guacamole maker, and mix & match suitcase packer - and I write about it all at In Residence.

I'm currently on my second round of doing a seasonal capsule wardrobe, and one of the items that I think would make the cut for my 40-item list in every single season would be a classic black and white striped tee. It's always chic, and I haven't run out of ways to wear it yet. Here are five winter renditions, appropriate for everything from the office to the weekend (and my home office in between):

for running errands around town: try it layered with a chambray shirt and down vest for warmth, paired with ponte pants and sneakers to stay comfy but cute, and add a little sparkle for fun!
for lunching with your ladies: keep it simple with a pretty pea coat, dark skinny jeans, and leopard shoes for an extra dash of chic.
for a casual Friday at the office: how about some black jeans, a blazer, and a couple of pops of color with your shoes and jewelry to dress it down but keep it polished.
for a day of meetings: look nice and professional by tucking it into a black skirt with black tights and booties, adding a little personality with a pop of leopard at the waist.
for a laid-back date night: I'm thinking a cozy little table for two at a pub with burgundy cords, suede wedge ankle boots, and a super-soft scarf.

 See how versatile a classic top like this is? Not to mention there are also my favorite fall and summer ways to wear stripes. Any favorites of your own to add?
Posted on February 11, 2015 .