Guest Post: Anderson Lorentz

I'm currently traveling through Africa on my honeymoon, but I've lined up a handful of guest posts from my favorite blogs while I'm gone. Enjoy!

I met Laura in person before I met her blog, which rarely happens. Her husband works with me and we started chatting one day about my blog, and pretty soon he was setting Laura and me up on a blind lunch date. We had a blast, have started reading each other's blogs, and have been lucky enough to attend a couple of local events together. Blog+real life friends are the best!

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A huge congratulations to Bri and Travis on their wedding! I'm so excited to be guest posting while Bri is away enjoying her amazing honeymoon! My name is Laura from Anderson Lorentz, a fashion and lifestyle blog founded by myself and my cousin Angela. We started A&L to stay connected when I moved from MN to WA. It has been a great way for us to share the things we love, I hope you get a chance to stop by! 

In light of the New Year, I have started thinking more and more about simplifying my wardrobe, bringing only the items I truly love into it. With a strong focus on classic pieces, I feel like I'm able to make better decision on purchases now that I'm committed to sticking with this strategy. I even have a running list of items that I love. This helps me to stay on track rather then mindlessly shopping the sales rack for pieces that might only be worn once or twice. Unofficially, I have tried to challenge myself each day to shop my own closet - the mix and matching process has always been the most fun for me so putting a 'new' outfits together each day with the clothes I already own is great!

Have you ever taken part in a closet challenge re-mix? Any closet staples you cannot live without?

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Photos by Brendan Lorentz
Posted on February 23, 2015 .