Wedding Update: Bridal Shower + Bachelorette Round Two

As you probably know, I already had my bachelorette party. But not all of my friends could fly down to Nashville, so we decided to have another go at it - a bridal shower in Seattle followed by a night out. And it was so much fun. 

The girls planned the bridal shower theme after Big Ben, from this story. Each gift corresponded with an hour on the clock, and there were lots of sweet little London/Big Ben touches in the decor. I loved how much thought the girls (my amazing bridesmaids) put into it. 

I didn't take many pictures, but thought I'd share just a few from the night. First, what I wore:
I often will sit on the floor of my closet-room with my iPhone looking for outfit inspiration on Pinterest. Then I screenshot it. I rarely actually pin it, so I'm not actually sure who to attribute this photo to...uh oh. The girls guided me by telling me they'd probably be in jeans/booties/blouse, so I had that to help me figure it out since I wasn't totally sure what our night would be filled with! But here it is, my inspiration for the evening/night:

And here's a weird stance closet selfie of my spin on it. I'm not sure why I'm standing like this, but whatever:

Jeans: BDG
Booties: BP
Tee: Everlane
Cardigan: Nordstrom (similar)

I added some lipstick and jewelry, which you can kind of see in the rest of the photos. 

Here are the bridesmaids who planned the night: Rachel, Cassie, and Jamie. Love these girls so much and I can't even tell you how lucky I am to have them as my bridesmaids. They are truly the best.

I didn't take many photos later in the night, so here's some of the gang about to take a shot after dinner but before the live music we went to see. Sorry in advance to those of you not smiling perfectly...the bartender didn't take the best photos so this is the best I got! For those of you who recognize her, my sister even came up from Portland to surprise me. Best MOH ever, seriously!

I can't believe that I get married THIS WEEK. So fun looking back at all of the wedding planning I've done, all of the fun events around the wedding that have gotten me here. I'll be sharing more when we get back from our honeymoon, I promise. 

Posted on January 26, 2015 .