Statement Pieces + Surprise Third Thursday Threads

Looking back at my closet from when I first started this blog, I had lots of color, patterns, and what I would probably call a chaotic blend of statement pieces. I'd previously had a lot of black, and white, and gray, and almost nothing outside of that, so when I started paying attention to what I was wearing, it was a color and pattern explosion. That created a bit of a challenge when dressing, because few things went together. I'd see remix posts on blogs and think...if only I had a classic white button down, or a simple chambray, I could wear it with all of the crazy skirts and pants I have. But I didn't have anything like that. 

Over the last couple of years, I've gone pretty dramatically in the other direction. I purchase classic pieces, in solid colors most often, to try to balance out my habits of buying bold patterns and colors - and so far, it's mostly working. 

When sheinside reached out and said I could pick an item to try, it was a really tough decision. They have some great classic pieces, but I kept getting pulled towards their patterns. And ultimately, this sweater-coat won. It's a pattern that's pretty easy to pattern-mix with, being that it is black and white, the style is something I don't have but know I can work with, and the day I opened it I already had multiple ideas of how to pair it. Success :)

Coat: c/o Sheinside
Shirt: Le Tote
Pants: LOFT (similar)
Booties: Hinge (similar)

These are my maroon/purple slacks from LOFT, and I definitely need to start checking photos before we put the camera down for the day because they look black - in the dark in the evenings when indoor light isn't the greatest, we're trying to make it work. I think it might be time to play with some settings on the camera a bit for the late-night photo-taking opportunities. Any tips out there?? 

Quick Note: Today should be Third Thursday Threads but it totally snuck up on me. And since it should be, it is! Link up whatever you're wearing today. No rules. Business travel + wedding planning + a third thursday on the 15th (so early in the month!) = a post about whatever you'd like, with no co-host. Co-host + theme Third Thursday Threads is coming back in February!