Sissy Style

You guys. This is my sister, Alyssa:

She's wearing a pair of glasses I got from

from their fall collection. She stole them, and because they look so cute on her, I let her keep them. If you wanted to try some, you could - they have a

first pair free

program. My sister's super stylish and way more adventurous than I am. She works in the interior design field, and that first picture? It's taken in the bathroom of her office - amazing wallpaper, right?! The pattern mixing in the shot below, though, is probably my favorite. That skirt would be such a great piece in my closet. 

Anyway, I've been super busy with work and not taking photos much. This week I've been at the office before 7am every day and until after 9pm every night, so photos just aren't a priority. I thought instead I'd share some pictures of her. She's just so cute. Also, if you're looking for a MOH for your wedding, she's totally killing it at that. I'm sure she'd be able to charge a premium. 

Also, I'm just 9 days away from the big day. Can you believe it?! Keep your fingers crossed I stay sane and excited (like I am now) all the way until the end!

Posted on January 23, 2015 and filed under Sissy Style.