Winter Wedding Wear

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

I'm insanely excited to be having a winter wedding, but some of my friends and family are stressing out about what to wear, so I thought I'd swing in and sharesome of the things I would wear if I were a guest at a winter wedding! I'm sure some of you will be attending winter weddings, as I think they are getting more and more popular lately. I've put together three different outfit options by trend, plus one bonus (dresses that are available to rent!).

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I'm really loving jumpsuits lately - especially because if it is really cold, you can layer leggings and no one can tell! I'm hoping to see a handful (or more) of amazing gowns at my wedding, being that it is in January in the mountains, and I want people to be warm. I'm also excited about seeing how people accessorize with warmth - fur, maybe?

Left $188  |  Center $295  |  Right $138

My bridesmaids are all wearing gold dresses, and when we were all looking for gold dresses, I fell in love with all of the shimmery, metallic, sparkly styles out right now. I especially love the subtle sparkle on the black dress on the right!

Left $158  |  Center $220  |  Right $148

When its cold, I tend to like to have my sleeves covered, and I love the option of doing so with the dress instead of with a cardigan or jacket over the dress. It also enables a thicker material, which will help keep warm. All three of these options also have a higher neckline, which is a trend I'm seeing a ton this season!

Left $60  |  Center $98  |  Right $365

I also wanted to show off my three favorite options available to rent right now on Rent the Runway. My sister is renting her Maid of Honor dress from there, and I've been renting a lot more lately, so I've seen a ton that I think would be awesome for guests at the wedding. Here are three of my favorites:

Left $45  |  Center $115  |  Right $75

Do you have any winter weddings to attend this year? Are you wearing styles similar to these for the holidays?? 

Posted on December 1, 2014 .