Some More Favorites

I know I already had a Third Thursday Threads Link-up about my 2014 favorites, but I only shared one look in that post, and I have so many more favorites. I thought I'd spend today looking at 5 others:

Patterned pants. You guys, I never knew these would become a favorite, and they are, by far, my favorite pants in my closet. More than my skinny jeans, which is insane to me. But this outfit was my favorite for more than just the pants - I love the mustard, the boots with cutouts, and the dark hair! I'm thinking post-wedding I may go back to brown. Original post here.

Le Tote was a huge win this year. While this dress was a bit too short to keep, I loved how it took me out of my usual comfort zone. And somehow with last-year's most coveted necklace and a jean jacket, I still felt on-trend. Le Tote was a huge part of my year in style, and I'm definitely sad to be putting my membership on hold to start off 2015. If you haven't tried it out yet, do it now, please! Original post here.

I don't love this outfit on paper. But for some reason, when pulled together with braids and a sunny day, it becomes a favorite. This blazer is a bit crazy, and I'm realizing that I am drawn to patterns that are a bit out there. Sure, I like stripes, but I also love geometric patterns and bright colored patterns and patterns in things that usually are solid - pants and blazers. And these braids - a huge favorite when I was in London and every time I braid my hair like this I remember my few weeks of work there so vividly. Original outfit here

This dress is worn more than anything else in my closet. It's my go-to choice for airline travel for work, it's my go-to for important meetings, and I love it with heels and big jewelry for date night. I hadn't worn it with booties and tights before this day, and I've now done it at least three times. And of course, nerd glasses always make my favorites list. So thankful for LASIK, but so glad I can still accessorize with glasses when I want to. Original post here.

Last but not least, these booties (also seen above) are the clear winner in the shoe department for 2014. So much so, in fact, that I bought them in cognac and wear one version of them at least twice a week. I also love the natural look of my hair here - I've been trying to use less product, use less heat, use less washing in general, for my hair, and I'm loving the results. These day-3 curls, pulled back on top, and paired with a scarf, just feel so comfortable to me without looking sloppy. Original post here

2014 has been an incredible year. While I got engaged in 2013 and will get married in 2015, 2014 was full of wedding-related activities, which meant I got to spend lots of valuable time with my loving family and closest friends. I got a new job, and a new car, and a new grassy backyard. I ran my first half-marathon, bought my first expensive couch that will be around for years, and watched my team win their first Super Bowl during my lifetime. I made new friends, and said a really sad good-bye to a friend, and had one of my oldest friends move back home where I get to see her so much more. There's so many more good things that happened this year, I don't even want to try to write more of them down right now. 2014 was great, but 2015 - you guys, it's going to blow 2014 out of the water. I just know it. For me, for you, for all of us. Happy New Year!
Posted on December 31, 2014 .