Comfort Zone

I've been thinking a lot about stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion, especially when it comes to events or important work meetings. I think because of Le Tote, and companies like Rent the Runway, I feel less obliged to make a commitment, and it takes away some of the fear. 

I used to think "I shouldn't buy this because what if I only wear it once because everyone stares at me all day and I feel self-conscious?" or "if this trend passes tomorrow I'm definitely going to regret making this super-trendy purchase" - and now I'm thinking "Ooh, I should favorite that neoprene-like midi skirt and see how that style looks on me for my next Le Tote shipment!" or "A jumpsuit made out of blue lace and black beading? I should definitely get that for the holidays!" - and overall I'm having way more fun with far less risk. 

And despite my lack of accessorizing for these pictures (which came after I took them off), I loved this jumpsuit. It was completely out of my comfort zone, seriously uncomfortable when sitting (this thing had NO stretch), and absolutely worth the rental fee on RTR to try it out and see what I thought! 

Jumpsuit: Rent the Runway (Marchesa Voyage)
Shoes: Nordstrom (Sole Society)

Also - snow in this outfit. ROUGH.

Where do you guys take your biggest fashion risks? Have you tried clothing rental services to help make it less scary? 
Posted on December 9, 2014 .