Bare Legs

You guys, I'm such a hypocrite, but every time I see Katrina post bare-leg photos in December, I think she's insane. And I completely forget that I DO IT ALL THE TIME TOO. In the same climate.  Speaking of Katrina, see how she wore this dress, here.

But anyway, this is what I wore to see The Nutcracker with some of my best friends on the day after Thanksgiving. This dress, from Le Tote, is totally outside of my comfort zone, and pairing it with an oversized cardigan-vest-sweater (what do you even call this kind of thing?) and booties is maybe not even stylish? I'm not sure, but I felt pretty and it was comfortable and so that's all that matters, I think. Right? 

Dress: Le Tote
Sweater Vest Cardigan Thing: super old, similar
Booties: BP, obviously, since these are all I ever wear lately

Looking for similar vests made me really wish I had a fur vest. I think something like this would look awesome over this dress. Don't you agree?

Also, did you guys see Fran's instagram post last night about photo editors for instagram pictures? I was shocked something like this existed, and I'm now feeling even less confident about putting the real me out on the internet knowing that, at times, I'll be compared to this kind of stuff from FASHION BLOGGERS. I mean, I get that all celebrities are photoshopped, but I like to think that when the average girl is posting her workwear, she's posting what she actually looks like. And now I've proven that I'm totally not hip or even a bit realistic. But anyway, how do you feel about this? I'd love to get some of your guys' thoughts!

Posted on December 22, 2014 .