Totes Le Tote

This post's title...haha. Sometimes I crack myself up.

But seriously, you guys, Le Tote has changed my world. I don't often mention it in the posts as I'm wearing items, but check out a lot of my Le Tote outfits here. I have a couple of complaints about Le Tote: the dresses are often too short for work, they send bracelets a lot but I never wear them, sometimes not every item fits me; but for the most part, I'm shopping so much less because I constantly have fun, new items to mix into my existing wardrobe. And they have been adding awesome new items lately for fall. 

This dress is a recent favorite. My co-worker got it in her tote, wore it and we all loved it so much my other co-worker went out and found it online for purchase, and I added it to my closet. And when it came, it fit perfectly and it was so so so hard for me to send it back. But I did. 

Want to sign up? You can visit their website using this link and provide me with referral credit, or you can click here to head on over there without. 

And that necklace? I got it a couple of months ago and kept it, and it is my new favorite. The unique take on neutrals with a tiny bit of peachy pink has proven to match everything. EVERYTHING. 

Posted on November 25, 2014 .