One Year Ago

November 26, 2013 was a life-changing day for me. As I sit here, one year later, with so many exciting plans ahead of me, I can't believe it has already been a year since I said yes. It honestly feels like yesterday that Travis proposed on that tiny little beach in Hawaii with the most perfect ring in the world. I thought it'd be fun to share our proposal story in a way I haven't before - from both of our perspectives. When building our wedding website, we both took some time to jot down what we remembered. Enjoy :)

How Travis remembers it...
I hid the ring for three months and I am sure that she searched for it. Not a week went by without her reminding me that I went fishing almost three months ago and still no ring. The waiting was killing her. I loved it. Patience is a virtue. I had decided on using Hawaii as a backdrop a few weeks before the trip and after one last campaign of subterfuge I was fairly confident that she did not think it was going to happen. I hid the ring in my carry on and then promptly lost my ID when going through security. I left my bag with Bri and raced back to find the ID. She searched my bag and found nothing, I got my ID, and we continued on to paradise. After getting the lay of the land I found the perfect spot.  A beach no bigger than our backyard just a few minutes away from the house. After some serious cajoling I got her to go swimming in the ocean. I put the ring in my backpack with some towels and we headed to Baby Beach. It was empty, I had a beach to myself on Kauai to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. I did not want to swim and leave the pack for long. After maybe two minutes in the Pacific I got Bri to get out of the water, when her back was turned I slipped the ring into my hand then got down on a knee. I opened my hand asked her to marry me and the ring was out of my hand and on her finger in 2.3 seconds and she kept repeating "are you serious?". After some clarification she let me know that it was a yes. Then a dog came tearing onto the beach and our private beach became public again. I cannot believe that I was able to propose to the woman I love on a private beach in Hawaii.      

How Briana remembers it...
Travis and I were in Hawaii with my family over Thanksgiving 2013 and I had really hoped Travis had purchased a ring that he'd be bringing with him, but I was pretty sure he hadn't. He'd asked me a few times to go swim in the ocean (I'm a bit of a pool girl at times) since we'd been in Hawaii and I'd been putting it off, but for some reason I said yes this time, so we tossed some towels into a backpack, pulled our phones and wallets out of the backpack, and headed down to Baby Beach. After the world's shortest swim, Travis decided we were done and we should go back. I realized I'd been grumpy, told him I loved him, and we started to towel off. With a hug, a kiss, and a few sweet words about how much he loved me, he pulled a ring OUT OF NOWHERE and got down on one knee. He said, quite formally, "Briana, will you marry me?" and I ripped the ring out of his hand and put it on my finger and kept repeating "are you serious? wait, how'd you get this here? is this for real?" and other unhelpful things. Poor guy just wanted me to say yes. But I'm sure it was obvious. I couldn't stop staring at the perfect ring on my finger - it fit perfectly, was my birthstone, and was from the man of my dreams. YES YES YES. YES a million times over. Then I cried, interrogated him with a million questions about how he did all of this without me knowing (he's clever), when he bought the ring (months before), where he'd been hiding it (the attic of our house), and how he snuck it in the luggage (wrapped in a microfiber cloth in his headphone case). I hope the memories of that day always stay as sharp as they are for me now; I can't help but smile whenever I think of how ridiculous I was when it all happened. 
Posted on November 26, 2014 .