Long Days

This new job has totally changed my schedule. I have more flexibility throughout the day for when to do what, but I also end up working longer hours, as I waste time driving to meetings, waiting for late customers to log into a web meeting, or flying between cities. When I am home, my alarm goes off at 5:09am and I force myself to get to bed before 10pm. It's not a perfect system yet, but I'm working on it. I've noticed lately that I have a hard time saying no. I'm an extremely social person who loves to be surrounded by others, and so I make more plans than I probably should. And those plans don't let me have much downtime. But they also make me insanely happy. 

Thank goodness for a honeymoon that starts in 84 days. But who's counting?

These photos were taken by my mom at the mid point of a long, but amazing day. Work all day, and then I met my mom for dinner - just the two of us. Pause to take these pics, and then we spent an hour with her mom, my 95 year old Grandma Rita, looking through old photos to find some wedding photos and photos of my grandfather to display at the wedding. After visiting with her, we went downstairs to visit with my dad's mom, my 96 year old Grandma Kay, and do the same thing: reminisce while finding old photos to display at my wedding. They live in the same building, just a few floors apart, and have hopefully passed on those insanely good longevity genes to me. But anyway, I didn't get home until around 10pm, and still had some laundry to finish for work the next day, but I wouldn't have traded that time with my mama and my grandmas for anything. 

Jeans: Urban outfitters
Booties: BP
Shirt: J Crew Factory
Necklace: BaubleBar (Onyx Phoenix
Purse: Madewell
Jacket: H&M (Purchased in London, similar)

Maybe one of these days I'll do a "day in the life" post.