Wedding Update: Finding Inspiration

So up to this point, I've shared only a few things about wedding planning. I thought I'd start with a quick recap:

2. I shared a bit about our love story.
3. We had an engagement party.
4. I went dress shopping!
5. We got engagement photos taken (outfits, link to photos)
6. I shared how I asked my bridesmaids to be a part of our wedding.
7. I gave you a sneak peak at our wedding favor (and yes, they are still for sale!).

The next logical step seems to be to share a bit about where I found inspiration, and what is inspiring me as I plan out the details of the wedding. Most of our details are in the halfway-planned stage: we've picked the vendor, we've talked through inspiration, but we haven't nailed down specifics. That's all coming soon - very, very soon. 

Like most newly-engaged ladies, I ran to Pinterest immediately to start to pin things I loved to a (secret) wedding board. I shared it with my bridesmaids, and we started pinning other winter weddings, other winery weddings, and other things we liked. I quickly realized we had a clear winner for color: gold! So the girls started finding their favorite gold dresses, as I wanted each of them to be in something they loved, not matching dresses. I also started gravitating toward a lot of naturey looks - since we're getting married in the mountains, in the winter, I fell in love with woodsy looks: pine trees, bark, and bright white. 

Here are some of the photos that have been my strongest inspiration:

I loved the mix&match gold dresses - and really loved how they varied from champagne all the way to bronze. 

The fur, the white flowers, the pine tress, THE SNOW. This one is a favorite.

I am going with a very similar flower plan: lots of white flowers, lots of greenery, and a very organic look.

I adore the gold flatwear, the sprig of pine, and the basic white.

This is my dream tablescape: gold, wood, lots of white and green, and just a soft, welcoming feel overall - with a touch of elegance.

The girls all have their dresses picked out, and let me tell you - they are gorgeous! I cannot wait to see all 5 of them in a row, each shining in their own style. 

So here's your chance to help - have you seen anything amazing out there that incorporates my dreams of a wedding full of rustic elegance? I'd love for you to leave links to any favorites in the comments to help me firm up some of these vague ideas into detailed specifics! 
Posted on October 3, 2014 .