The New Job

I've been busier than normal, and while I've tried really hard to not let it affect my blog-life, it has. I haven't been reading your comments and replying as quickly as I normally do. I've been missing a daily post here and there. And I haven't been commenting on your blogs (but I swear I've been reading and still trying to comment as often as I can). I mentioned I'd have an announcement soon, and now I do!

I got a new job! I'm still working for the same company, but I've completely changed teams and roles. Or, well, I will. Right now I'm in the middle of a pretty hectic transition period where I try really hard to stay on top of all of my marketing tasks (they haven't hired anyone to replace me yet) while starting to do all of the tasks for the new role.

And this new role requires a bit of a different dress code, which I'm really excited to transition into both in real life and on the blog. I used to spend most days at HQ working away at a computer, and then various days on the road at conventions or conferences. This new role, in outside field sales, means that when I'm out of the office, it will be meeting with prospective customers and selling them our products. So I need to look a bit nicer on those meeting days. I'll still get to bum around in dressed-up jeans a lot (thanks to Seattle for not being too formal) but those days won't be nearly as frequent as they have been. Hopefully you're excited to see more dresses, and jackets, and slacks, and business-professional wear. 

Jacket: Hand-me-down from mama, similar
Dress: Le Tote (purchased)
Wedges: Clarks (exact, c/o

This specific dress came in one of my Le Tote boxes, and the fit was so perfect, and the style so classic, I had to keep it. This, and a top I haven't shown on the blog yet, were purchased from the same shipment, which proves that Le Tote has a great handle on my personal style and how to add fun, new pieces to my wardrobe. If you haven't tried it yet and want to, click through here and you'll be providing me with a referral bonus. Or just google it if you'd rather not :)

Sorry for so much rambling in today's post! I'll be less wordy tomorrow, I promise. And on Thursday, when you come to link up for Third Thursday Threads with your Fall Favorite, I'll say even less. That's a promise too :)

Posted on September 16, 2014 .