At first when I got these slouchy track dress pants, I only wore them with fitted tops, tucked in, to show I had a waist. And now I've just totally gone off the deep end, pairing them with a slouchy, oversized sweater hardly tucked in. I'm not sure it totally works or is flattering, but here's what I had in mind when I paired this together, just in case you guys are thinking of trying a similar outfit: 

 - Pointy-toed heels - while these are barely a kitten heel, they still help give the appearance of longer legs
 - Long necklace - having something to help hold my sweater flat against my body (sounds weird, put like that) helps me look less huge on top
 - Open neckline - I don't think this same look would work with a traditional crew neck, at least for me. Having a bit of collarbone show also makes me look less huge on top
 - Fitted 3/4 sleeves - again, making it look like I'm less huge on top by showing some skin

I also think something that would help that I didn't do yet is wearing a slightly shorter pair. These ones are just a tad too long on me, but if you had some that hit at the ankle, they'd be way more flattering. I've been keeping an eye out but have yet to find a pair I love. 

Pants: Nordstrom (like these, shorter)
Sweater: Target (old, similar)
Shoes: Bandolino

Also, after lots of good advice yesterday, I've ordered a couple pairs of gray booties to try. I'm open to trying more, though, so please stop by this post and leave some favorites for me to check out!

Posted on September 11, 2014 .