The Hunt for White Dresses

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I never buy occasion dresses that are white because half of the occasions I go to are wedding-related, and I am not a fan of wearing white unless you're the bride. But now that I am the bride I'm super excited to get a couple of great white dresses - ideally ones that can be used for a couple of occasions: on my bachelorette, at my bridal shower, at the rehearsal dinner, and even on my honeymoon. I've been ordering a few here and there, but haven't found any I've wanted to keep quite yet.

Apologies in advance for not doing my hair or accessorizing - my parents were over for dinner and I didn't have much time, but wanted to show my mom each dress so we snapped the photos really quick!

Dress 1: Eliza J $158

I liked this dress, but since my bridesmaids are all wearing shades of gold, this felt a little too similar. 
It was a great length (looks longer than it was in these pictures) and I loved that it had pockets and good waist definition, but I sent it back anyway. 

Dress 2: Ivanka Trump $82

I liked this one, but it felt a bit too shapeless for me. I would have loved to throw on some bright jewelry and fun pumps and wear it out on my bachelorette, but it just wasn't quite right, so it went back too. 

Dress 3: BB Dakota $78

I loved this dress, and I still may end up keeping it, as I think it would be super cute both on my bachelorette weekend in Nashville (with some cowgirl boots) and on my honeymoon or even on the brunch the morning after the wedding. It was just a bit short, but for a bachelorette party I think that's 100% okay. It could even be cute post-wedding with some tights, a belt, boots, and a leather jacket or cardigan. 

Nordstrom is my absolute favorite place to shop, as you all know, so I'm spending plenty of time digging through all of their white dresses. I'd love if you could click through, find one you love, and leave it in the comments to help me out! I'll make sure to update again once I get another batch shipped to try on!

Also! Time to announce the giveaway winner: Andi Smith (from Just Another Smith), you're the winner of the amethyst gemstone bracelet from Anjolee! Check your email for details.
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Posted on August 13, 2014 .