It is only fitting that on the day I announce the wine bottle candle giveaway winner, I talk about another homemade project: this wooden bead necklace!

But first, the winner. Kelsey Spencer, check your email! Congratulations on winning the wine bottle candle. We really hope you love it :)

Now, on to this necklace. I was going to share this great Pinterest idea brought to life, but Anne beat me to it, so I think you should go check hers out over at Anne In Residence. I did mine a bit differently, using wire instead of string, and I also only put a clasp on one side, so that I can use the same piece of wire and just change out the beads to be different colors. You'll see another version of this in tomorrow's post. If anyone wants more detailed instructions, let me know!

Jeans: LOFT
Tank: J. Crew Factory
Flats: Steve Madden (similar)

Somewhat related, what is your favorite wedding DIY you've seen? These candles are obviously a big one for us, but we're wondering what else people have loved! Leave a comment and share :)

Posted on August 18, 2014 .