Track Pants

I have been terrified of the track pant trend since it started, but for some reason, when I saw these at Nordstrom, I picked them up to try on immediately, without even a moment of hesitation. And then I bought them. And I wore them multiple times in Europe. Sometimes I really surprise myself. 

Anyway, I finally wore them to work here in Seattle and got so many compliments on them, despite wearing them in the least interesting or flattering way (I think I styled them way better in London, now that I've seen these photos). I think one of the best parts was one of my close friends telling me that she now felt like she could go try some on because she realized that even girls with hips could wear them. I think they are the most comfortable work pants I own, and I now really want to find a good patterned pair that is cropped a bit for summer. Anyone seen any good ones out there???

Shoes: Bandolino
Pants: Nordstrom
Shirt: LOFT

In unrelated news, Fran comes to Seattle tomorrow! If you don't read her blog yet, head on over there and start reading now, because my posts for the next couple of weeks will be full of our adventures together!

Posted on July 7, 2014 .