Picnic in the Park

Fran leaves today, and I'm super upset about it. But we've had the best time, and today I'm taking a half day at work so we can spend the afternoon together doing some final sightseeing around town. These pictures are from last Friday, when we ordered some takeout sushi to have a picnic in the park at Greenlake. I had worn this outfit to work for a super casual Friday, and it felt so good to seamlessly transition to an evening of sitting in the grass eating the best sushi. 

Jeans: GAP
Tee: Primark (similar)
Sandals: Steve Madden (similar)

I just realized that having Fran take these pictures was a great idea, but not getting one of the two of us together was a huge mistake!

Unrelated, but the cool necklace in this bunch was my grandmas, and wearing it got me thinking about my old, new, borrowed, and blue requirements for the wedding. For those of you who are married, what did you have to represent each thing? Did you follow that tradition? 

Posted on July 15, 2014 .