July Budget

I'm worried this is going to be a big one. First, I did all of this at the Nordstrom sale (full post here): 

Slouchy sweater, $35.90 
Natori bra, $44.90 (but I don't count undergarments, so technically $0)
(duffel bag was a gift for Trav, not counting it)

Nordstrom Total: $124.60

Outside of that, I didn't do too much shopping in July:

Shorts, Old Navy, $9.99 on sale
Stacked Heel Sandals, OnlineShoes.com, $89.97 (used a coupon c/o OnlineShoes.com so technically $0)

Total (Including Nordstrom): $134.59

I think I may be forgetting something from when Fran was here, but I'm drawing a complete blank so she'd need to remind me. Speaking of Fran, I'm linking up with Budgeting Bloggers, here
Posted on July 28, 2014 .