Colored Pants

I went through such a huge colored pants phase, and I'm definitely over it. I'm just not loving the ones I have anymore. Maybe because they are all a little too cropped for me? Or maybe because with all this running, my calves are HUGE and make the pants oddly tight in that area? Or maybe because I'm wearing more colorful and patterned tops lately, so it feels too overwhelming to also have colorful pants? 

No matter what the reason, I pulled these out, gave them a shot by wearing them all day, and am now tossing them into the donation box I keep in my closet. We'll see if I reach for them again, but I'm guessing they will happily belong to someone else in the next few months. 

Pants: Nordstrom (similar)
Tank: Le Tote
Cardigan: LOFT
Sandals: dv Dolce Vita | Purchased on

Posted on July 30, 2014 .