Every single man I work with commented on this dress. Every. Single. One. "Wow, that's a GREEN dress!" "What a bright dress!" "That dress makes your hair look so blonde!" "Silky dresses sure do wrinkle quickly, don't they!?" They all had something to say, and I honestly just couldn't figure it out. Sure, it is a bright, solid-colored dress. And yes, it probably was more eye-catching than some of the items I wear sometimes. But honestly, it isn't that bright. Apparently it was just enough to catch all of their eyes and force out a comment, but it was pretty funny. 

Dress: Banana Republic (chambray version, black version)

Amos has been really wishing he could be an outdoor cat lately, which has led to him darting through the front door whenever I open it. He's good and doesn't run past that, but it has led to quite a few pictures like this as he tries to escape while Trav snaps a few shots of my outfit. 

Posted on July 29, 2014 .