Guys, I have about this much energy right now to write a post, but I wanted to come in, show you my wrinkled outfit from a couple of weeks ago, and tell you that I miss the booties in this picture. And the cat in the bottom picture. And the welcoming teal wall and amazing new West Elm couch. And that orange nail polish. 

But I'm doing much better. No more crying, lots of fun upcoming plans here, flights booked for meetings in Stockholm and Amsterdam during my final week in Europe. 

Also, speaking of wrinkles, I've gotten myself into a bit of one and I'd love a couple more guest posts. I know a few of you have said you'd like to guest post...and since I'm way busier than I thought I would be, I'm asking for help! So shoot me an email, or the HTML for a post, if you're interested and able!

That's it! Be back soon with more...substance. xo, Bri

Posted on June 5, 2014 .