Second Weekend in London

Time for some more London recap!! If you aren't caught up, here's the recap from Weekend 1, and here's Work Week 1. Time now for Weekend 2:

Day 10 - Saturday 7 June: Up and ready to go meet Lau_Evs (Twitter is how we worked this whole meeting thing out, so figured it makes sense to link there - her blog link is a bit farther down in this post.). Pouring rain outside. Try to head to Borough Market, but the tube has a million closures. Finally get there: Queensway to Oxford Circus on Central, transfer to Bakerloo line to Waterloo, transfer to Jubilee line to London Bridge. Should have just walked, but the rain, oh the rain. 
With Lau!! If you ever come to London, hang out with her. She's the best, really!!
Walk through Borough Market and treat myself to a pastry. Admire the shops. 
I've been loving navy and white lately, so had to stop to snap a pic of this adorable building. 
Walk along river to Globe Theater, take required touristy pic. 
Outside the Globe!
Dress: Old Navy (sleeveless version), Scarf: BP, Tote: H&M, Sneakers: H&M,
Jacket: Nordstrom Rack

Hop on a riverboat and head to Greenwich. See city and Canary Wharf along the way, and so many adorable flats. In Greenwich, walk through Greenwich Market, and then head up to Prime Meridian. Feet on either side of the line pic required. 
At the Prime Meridian!
View of London from here is spectacular. Roam through Queen's House, see lots of wartime paintings from long ago. 
Queen's House, and all its symmetry. 
Lunch at Byron (American-style burgers are all the rage here). 
Such contrast - Tower Bridge, brand new Shard skyscraper.
Riverboat back and walk across Millennium Bridge. Enter St. Paul's Cathedral, walk up 597 steps to the top. The view here is amazing - 360degrees of the city, from way the heck up. 

Catch breath, then head back down the stairs to the bottom. Part ways, "home" to shower after an amazing day of touring. Snack for dinner in room while resting, reading, relaxing. I highly recommend you hop over to Lau's blog to see her recap of the day! 

Day 11 - Sunday 8 June: Lazy Sunday commences late in the morning. Read in bed. Watch some Heroes (Travis convinced me to get addicted to a show while in London, that terrible influence), decide I can be addicted while here. It's gorgeous out, so I walk to the park and read for a while. After coming back to the hotel to do some work, I head out to meet our CEO for dinner and end up at Brasserie Blanc in Covent Garden for some al fresco dining.
Dinner outfit. These DV Dolce Vita sandals from have been my go-to while here!
Jeans: LOFT, Sandals: (DV Dolce Vita), Tee: Sloan (similar),
Leather Jacket: Nordstrom Rack, Scarf: BP, Purse: Erica Anenberg

 "Home" and to bed before another busy week!

Posted on June 13, 2014 .