Memorial Day Weekend

For once I actually took my real camera over to Lake Chelan (a lake so long and skinny it looks like a river, located in Central Washington in the mountains) for the weekend, and I even brought it out to snap a few photos. For those of you who don't know, my parents recently purchased some vineyards and are currently building a home in the gorgeous hills of my favorite place, Lake Chelan. They also got a boat (you can't live so close to a gorgeous lake without a boat to get out and enjoy the water), so Travis and I had to head over to take a look at the property, the existing vines, the brand new plants, and of course experience the boat in action! Chelan is about a 3 hour drive from Seattle, and growing up, I spent at least a week over there each summer. I'm so excited to have a place to stay now whenever I want to drive over for the weekend, so expect to see LOTS of Chelan updates and visits on Instagram this summer. 

Anyway, here's what our weekend looked like:

Boating on Saturday morning. We forgot Trav's sunglasses, so he had to wear a pair I had stowed away in the car. And I stole his hat, so he's wearing mine. But our swimwear is our own, I promise!
My parents property from the lake. You can see the house under construction to the left of the big fields above the trees, and the vines surrounding them above and to the right. 
The house, under construction. Lake and mountains in the distance. 
Trav roaming the newly planted vineyard early Sunday morning.
Looking down the vines toward the lake. Boat parked after our adventures. 
The neighbors have two horses - this is Fancy. She's my favorite.
Row 12 of...merlot? I'm not sure which grape this is, actually.
It wouldn't be a blog post around here without a photo of my outfit. Boots borrowed from mom (note to self, parents currently live in a dust bowl, pack boots next time), cuffed jean shorts, Disneyland sweatshirt. 
We'll be heading over next for the 4th of July, and I promise I'll do a better job documenting things other than grapes growing, although I'll be sure to provide a little update on that, as well. 
Posted on June 6, 2014 .