In My Bag: Travel Makeup Edition

I'm in Amsterdam now and couldn't sleep all that great last night so I decided to document what's in my travel makeup bag (lighting isn't great due to these being taken in the middle of the night). I don't have an extensive makeup routine even when at home in Seattle, but when I travel I do try to keep it a bit lighter. For the three weeks in London, this is all I brought (I figured I could buy anything I ended up wanting), which made it really easy to toss into my bag for these quick 24-hour trips to Stockholm and Amsterdam. 

The embroidered bag is my favorite lately as it doesn't allow me to pack much, and it is easy to dig out of my all-black work tote! 
The Sephora brush pack is a must if you travel a bunch - I've added a couple of M.A.C. brushes to it, but honestly it comes with plenty already. They don't have the same one anymore, but this one is similar.  

And here's what is inside the makeup bag: 

(plus this brush is added to the Sephora pack) 

(one of the M.A.C. brushes I added to the Sephora pack was this one)

(right now it is Maybeline, but I switch this up a lot, as I only use it on my lower lashes because of my extensions)

(I rotate these out seasonally, but right now it is Lustre Plumful)

My favorite huckleberry chapstick

Lash Extension brush to keep everything tidy and in place

Tweezerman tweezers (similar)

Not pictured: a small sample container of my foundation, which I mix with my moisturizer each day. Also, I always keep a lipstick in my wallet - right now, it is my recent favorite, Lovelorn

PS. Don't forget that we are just 2 days away from Third Thursday Threads! Can't wait to see your Summer Must-Haves!
Posted on June 17, 2014 .