Guest Post: Just Another Smith

You guys - Andi reads minds. No joke, I didn't even tell her about this month's Third Thursday Threads theme when we talked about her guest post, and then she goes and writes a post that is FULL of inspiration for the link-up next week. I'm pretty excited about it. Don't forget to link up this Thursday, June 19! 


Hey there, WCIS fans!  Andi from Just Another Smith here.  It's time for my annual guest post.  In 2012, I copied one of Bri's outfits.  In 2013, I remixed my leopard print pencil skirt.  What will 2014 bring?  Well, how about I share some Summer Style Essentials?  It seems appropriate since summer has recently arrived in most of the country.  Get excited - I'm going to give you excellent never-before-thought-of tips like "wear shorts and sandals when it's hot outside."  Are you prepared??

#1 - DRESSES - Dresses are a girl's best friend on days when it's just too hot to think about putting together a coherent outfit.  Since a dress is already a whole outfit, you just need to decide on shoes, and maybe add a belt or scarf for fun.  Also, apparently a denim jacket ALWAYS.  (Shameless self-promotion: I'm doing a Dress Theme Link-up this week if you want to join in!)  

#2 - SHORTS - I used to only have super casual shorts.  Last year, I determined that dressier shorts could be super versatile.  If your office is more on the casual side of business casual (like mine), you can get away with wearing shorts to work, as long as they aren't too short.  Fun colors and patterns are always a good idea.  


#3 - CARDIGANS - With the extreme temperature change from outside to inside, I can usually be found wearing a cardigan during the summer months.  It appears I have every color of the rainbow except purple, so I should probably remedy that soon.

#4 - FLIP FLOP ALTERNATIVES - I love the $3 Old Navy flip flops as much as the next girl, but sometimes it's nice to wear real shoes, especially to work or church.  I've been leaning more and more towards flats, especially in the summer, when there's a greater chance I'll end up walking somewhere.  I love that flat sandals are currently available in so many cute styles and colors.  I'm hoping to add to my collection this summer.  I also have to shout out to my boat shoes.  I've been wearing them A LOT in the past month.

I'm sure I'll be reaching for these items all summer long!  What other summer essentials should I add to the list?

Posted on June 16, 2014 .