Guest Post: the demure muse

I'm extra excited about this here guest post, mostly because I absolutely love Katrina and her blog and am eager to introduce her to those of you who may not already follow her. Plus, it's always fun to have people I know in real life guest post over here on WCIS, and I'm lucky to call Katrina a real life friend, not just a blog friend :) Anyway, she's got some great tips for dressing yourself in my hometown of Seattle (some of the advice I still ignore but should REALLY start paying attention to). Have fun reading her great content, and make sure to hop over and check out her blog if you don't follow it already!


Hi everyone! It's Katrina here from the demure muse. While Bri's off in London kicking butt for work (she is super fierce, for real!), I'm here to share my experiences of getting dressed for Seattle life this season. You may or may not know that I'm a Seattle transplant. I moved from Toronto, where the seasons were really clear cut and easy to dress for. Seattle's a bit of an interesting place because the seasons blend together. Winter doesn't feel quite like winter here in the PNW without snow and all. I've learned so much from Bri over the years for how to handle the weather and I'm super stoked that she's trusting me to share my experiences since I feel like she's the resident expert! I've been trying to build up the staples in my closet this season and this white tank is definitely one that I like to style over and over again. It's easy to layer, or to wear as a base. With the sprinkles of summer Seattle weather in the last few weeks, I've been trying to get creative with this piece at work and on weekends.

One thing that I've learned about living here is that layers are the way to go. With the mornings being chilly and the afternoons heating up (sometimes beyond bearable, especially without A/C in most homes), being able to add or remove pieces easily is key! I've been gravitating towards more cotton and linens as they transition easily between seasons (some summer days feel like late autumn days). As time passes, I'm still learning to new tips and tricks (one key thing I learned in my first few months of living here is that suede shoes are not practical in the fall/winter unless you're into wet-dog-smelling shoes haha!) and would love to hear some of yours! Thanks for having me over on Work Clothes, I Suppose!

PS. See those shoes in the last picture?! Those are the Clarks wedges Katrina and I got from as part of their Passion Panel. I went matchy-matchy with them here, and I love how she pulled in a contrasting color for a really fun, summery date-night outfit. I didn't end up bringing them to London but I'm wishing I would have, as they'd be comfortable enough for walking around town but still would help to dress up some of my outfits for work. Oh well - next time!
Posted on June 9, 2014 .