First Working Week in London

Your feedback was that you liked the format last time, so no editing done here :) Here's how week 1 of work went!


Day 5 - Monday 2 June: Up early. Travis and I FaceTime - him in bed to head to sleep, me in bed about to get up. Central line form Queensway to Oxford Circus. Transfer on Bakerloo to Marylebone. Train to Aylesbury. 
The view from the train - English countryside is so pretty!
Work outfit for Monday.
Slacks: H&M (purchased here), Flats: Adam Tucker | Me Too, Shirt: LOFT,
Blazer: Nordstrom (from the sale last month)

Owen picks me up, we drive to a partner meeting. Spend two hours talking goals, strategies, tactics. Partner treats us to lunch; my first delicious meal in a pub. The English countryside is winning me over. We drive an hour to meeting number two. It goes well, and we head back, Owen driving me to Weybridge, where I get a train back to London Waterloo. Jubilee line to Baker Street, transfer on Circle to Bayswater. Cheese & crackers for dinner, with a side of a million work emails and some calls back home. Tea, cookies, a few pages of my book, and a deep (tylenol PM) sleep.

Day 6 - Tuesday 3 June: Up early. Travis and I FaceTime - we're starting a good routine and I no longer go hours in the morning without talking to someone. Owen's booked us a serviced office for the day, so I head over to the Moorgate tube station via the Circle line and meet him for a cup of coffee before we head in. 
Tuesday's work outfit
Tank: LOFT (similar), Cardigan: LOFT, Slacks: LOFT (hard to see but these are my purple ones)
Flats: Steve Madden

Partner meeting. Goes long. Starving. Pret a Manger Swedish meatball sub for lunch. Quickly become addicted to grape + elderflower sparkling water. Work all afternoon. Productive. Tube "home." Detour at H&M to buy a bag. "Home." Skype with Dad. Call with boss. Call with team. Tapas for dinner, just me and my book and my red wine, as usual. 
View pre-tapas. 
Tea, cookies, a few pages of my book, and a deep (non-drugged) sleep.

Day 7 - Wednesday 4 June: Up early. POORING rain, so I skip my run. Travis and I FaceTime - I'm so exhausted I hardly remember it. 
Wednesday's work outfit. 
Slacks: Nordstrom, Heels: Bandolino, Tank: Hand-me-down from mama (similar),
Blazer: H&M (purchased here), Tote: H&M (purchased here)

Off to a partner to work in their office for the day. Central line to Chancery Lane. Transfer of Information (TOI) session. Cold calling. Their accents make it so much better than normal cold calling. Push through lunch without food and keep calling. Realize I get to open a letter from Trav and wish I had remembered earlier, when I wasn't at this meeting. Prospect stops by, we pitch him. It goes well. More calling, more training, more tips. Finally, time to go - we have another meeting to rush to. Grab a sandwich and some ginger lemonade at Pret a Manger. Tube to Bank. Meeting in Royal Exchange. Goes better than we thought it would (better also means longer in this case). Wrap up. Tube "home". Open letter from Trav. Smile. Quick chat with mama. Run in Hyde Park around the Serpentine in between the rain. Rain starts as I'm returning. Out for Thai food, this time we (my book and I) are joined by Thai beer. 
Thai restaurant for dinner. 
Skype with Trav. Tea, cookies, a few pages of my book, and a deep sleep.

Day 8 - Thursday 5 June: Today I don't have any meetings, only a couple of calls, and I wake up feeling excited about catching up on work. Quick jog in the park, not feeling it this morning. Shower. Dress. 
No meetings = casual Thursday.
Chambray: Nordstrom, Black Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Sneakers: H&M (purchased here)

Head to Caffe Nero for Internet and a latte. Slow internet, power through. Lunchtime. Change scenery, back to Otto for another slice of pizza. 

Pizza at Otto - pesto & pepperoni & tomato & mushroom. 

Starbucks (fastest internet is at Starbucks, sadly) for a latte and more work. Sunny out, walk the long way home. Work from room. Feel like I'm about to lose it with loneliness, chat with friends online. Pub for a cask beer before dinner. 

Taco sampler at Taqueria.
Finally get into Taqueria for dinner and devour their taco sampler along with a spicy watermelon margarita. Good Mexican food feels a bit like home. No underground all day, feels weird. Finish Born to Run and pass out.

Day 9 - Friday 6 June: Up at 8. Yogurt & granola & coffee over email. Shower. Meeting at Covent Garden this morning, so I head there early (Queensway to Holborn on Central Line, transfer to Picadilly to Covent Garden) so I can roam around. 
Friday's work outfit.
Dress: LOFT (similar), Flats: Hand-me-down from mama

Everyone here wears blazers all the time, so I pick up a pink one from Zara. Note to self: there's a Shake Shack in Covent Garden. A big one. Wonder if it's as good as NYC. Meet co-worker Shaun and a partner at a Starbucks (can't avoid this place) for a working session of account mapping and messaging and planning. Goes well, but goes long. Rush to second meeting. Leicester Square to Hammersmith on Picadilly line. 2-hour initial meeting with a prospect. It's late, and tube ride back is crowded: Hammersmith to Earls Court on Picadilly Line, Transfer to District line to Bayswater. Quick change of clothes and some email. Head to dinner (Queensway on District Line to Liverpool Street). 
Friday dinner outfit.
Black Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Tank: Le Tote, Scarf: BP, Shoes: Adam Tucker | Me Too,
Leather Jacket: Nordstrom Rack

Meet co-worker and his fiancé for dinner at Dishoom. Company + good food makes this the best night so far in London. Same tube route back to Queensway, walk "home." Start new book (What Alice Forgot) and deep sleep.