First Weekend in London

Alright, time for a post actually written from London. Before I left, I scheduled the first 6 or so posts so that I wouldn't have to worry about blogging while getting adjusted to the time zone, my schedule, or the local internet (or, as it turned out the first two days, lack thereof). 

But now that I've completed my first couple of days of work and am getting into a weekday routine, thought I'd swing by and share my first few days. I've been taking random short-form notes on my iPhone while out and about, and before bed each night - I found it to be the most realistic way for me to journal while I was studying abroad in Argentina forever ago, and thought it would make sense again for this trip. I also figured it'd be an easy way to share with you guys, although it may be a bit random and confusing (and boring?)...but we'll see.


Day 1 - Thursday 29 May: Easy flight, easy train, easy cab. Walk into hotel room, burst into tears. 8x13 room. All white & so tiny. White furniture. White walls. White bed. White curtains. Cry for a minute, and let myself freak out for another minute. Pull myself together and walk around town, desperate for a good experience. 
Travel Outfit. 
Jeans: LOFTFlats: from mama, Shirt: BP (old, similar), Cardigan (not visible): Nordstrom,
Coat: UniqloScarf: Nordstrom Rack (similar), Purse: Erica Anenberg

Buy flowers. Eat fish & chips and drink red wine while reading Game of Thrones at a pub for dinner. Try to FaceTime with Trav but Internet hates me. Go for a quick run in the dusk (short but amazing). Sleep.
My neighborhood for these few weeks.
Day 2 - Friday 30 May: Run Hyde Park. It's gorgeous, there's so much to see, and my short run flies by. Could have run forever if I didn't have to get ready for work. Shower has hot water. Thank goodness. Full length mirror in room, too, even though it's curvy. Thank goodness. Work. Work. Fight with Internet. 
Outfit for second half of Friday. Work outfit not photographed. 
Jeans: LOFT, Sweater: J. Crew Factory (similar), Shoes: Steve Madden, Scarf: BP

Work at Starbucks. Work. Fight with Internet. Hotel gives me secret access to their private network. Cornmeal crust pizza at Otto. Heaven. 
Necessities for dinner in restaurants alone: a good book and some red wine.
Lavender shortbread cookie for dessert. "Home." Feeling more alive. Crash hard in the middle of a chapter of Game of Thrones. Sleep.

Day 3 - Saturday 31 May: Wake up confused. Lay in bed confused. Realize where you are and cry. Geez hormones, cool your pants. Quick jog. Seems to be a trend, but I'm okay with that. Head out on a walk to Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Swallowed by mobs of people. People everywhere, in this city. 
Notting Hill, Portobello Road, Kensington Palace.
Admire arts and crafts, wander aimlessly, continue roaming until I end up at the far side of Kensington Park. Walk Kensington High street, but don't stop to shop. Feel blister coming on; rush home to change shoes.
Outfit for second half of Saturday roaming.
Jeans: LOFT, Shirt: Halogen (Nordstrom), Jacket: H&M (London purchase),
Scarf: Nordstrom Rack (similar), Shoes: TOMS

 Take 20 minute power nap, put on Toms, and head back out. Walk through neighborhoods, totally lost but in the right direction, and end up at Big Ben. Stand in awe for a few minutes, in a daze remembering last time I stood in that very place. Last time Travis was standing on the other side, nervous, smiling, excited. Walk across and send him a text. 
Photo I sent Trav.
A photo too. Keep walking. Walk to Trafalgar Square. Walk down Regents Street. Walk Oxford street back to Hyde Park. Finally decide to head into the Underground. Back to Notting Hill. Roam until I find food; pizza again, but a new place. Eat while reading my book, drinking Diet Coke. Can't sleep all night. ALL night. Guess I'm old, and have jet lag now.
Eye mask + tylenol PM makes a good nights sleep. See also: wearing boyfriend's t-shirt.
Day 4 - Sunday 1 June: Sleep in. Late. Run a few errands. Decide touristy sights can wait. Grab book, blanket, and sunnies and head to Kensington Park. Sit for hours, reading and people watching.
Kensington Park reading in my favorite Dolce Vita sandals from
Layers are a must. Park reading outfit: maxi dress, sandals, cardigan, scarf. Most of the time, scarf and cardigan = pillow
Shoes: Dolce Vita (, Dress: Old Navy (similar), Cardigan: Nordstrom, Scarf: BP

 A dance group moves through, performs a few routines right in front of me. Families play badminton and catch. Dogs bark at each other. I sit, alone, reading, smiling, not feeling so terrible anymore. "Home." Work. Laundry in my sink, hang it all to dry. Sushi takeaway for dinner. It's amazing. Devour it, drink some tea, crash. Know this is going to be a good, but hard, three weeks.


Too much for one post?? Not enough details? Let me know in the comments and hopefully I can keep providing you guys some updates while abroad. Coming next: my first experience with: the English countryside, serviced offices for rent, and heading to the pub after a long day of work. 
Posted on June 4, 2014 .