Final Weekend in London

Only two more of these updates - a weekend and then a few days of work. As you probably know if you follow me on any social media, I'm back home and LOVING Seattle. The first day of summer was wonderful; Travis and I worked in the yard after making breakfast together, we spent some time finishing our wedding website and addressing Save the Dates with one of our bridesmaids, I saw a few girlfriends, and then I lost a bet and took Trav to a fancy dinner. Longest day of the year done right, I tell ya. Anyway, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here's the recap of my final weekend in London (spoiler alert: it wasn't all spent in London). 

Day 17 - Saturday 14 June: Wake up and get ready. Queensway to Holborn on Central Line, transfer to Kings Cross St. Pancras on Piccadilly Line. Fast train to Ashford International from St. Pancras station. Owen picks me up and we head to his farm. Meet his wife and daughter, and all of their animals (a pony, two horses, two dogs, six cats, 5 chicken, a snake, and a goat). 
With the snake. 
Head to Dover Castle with Owen & his daughter. She's a history buff and I learn a ton. See the sea, explore underground tunnels used during the wars. 
View of Dover's nicest beaches, surrounded by trains and trucks and ferryboats heading to France.

The only photo I took at the castle. Had people with me and only a selfie. Big fail. 
Head back to Owen's after having some lunch, and groom the pony with his daughter. Take the pony for a quick walk. 
Had to snap a quick photo with the pony in front of the stables!
His son gets home from work and we all head to dinner at a Nepalese restaurant before they drop me at the train station where I reverse my AM trip. The crowds in the streets are wild with excitement for the start of the England/Italy game. I'm too tired (and not that interested, if we're being honest) so I head back to snooze.

Day 18 - Sunday 15 June: Up and pack for Stockholm and Amsterdam. 
Travel outfit.

Walk to Paddington Station (only about 3/4 mile) and get some breakfast while waiting for Owen. Heathrow Express train to the airport, flight to Stockholm. 
View of Stockholm from above. So gorgeous.
Head to hotel (a Hilton, with a bed that isn't on the floor, a bathtub, and open space)! Meet Owen and walk around to find dinner. 
Church tower in Stockholm. 
Eat reindeer and turnips and kale. It's delicious. Blueberry pancakes for dessert. Heaven. 
Outfit for dinner.
Back to my room, take a bath, relax and start to really miss home, where I can take a bath whenever I want. Head to bed.
Heavenly, I tell ya. 

Coming up tomorrow: final days in London. And don't forget, you can still link up your summer must have on Third Thursday Threads!
Posted on June 23, 2014 .