Final Days in London

Day 19 - Monday 16 June: Up and work in my hotel room until our partner picks us up. Check out of the hotel, head to meeting.

Meeting goes well with customer. Head to partner office. Grab lunch. Eat traditional Swedish meatballs with potatoes and slaw. It's delish. Final meeting with marketing team. Head to airport. Quick call with Travis, board Norwegian Air plane to Amsterdam. Arrive in Amsterdam, grab dinner. Bed.

Day 20 - Tuesday 17 June: Wake up in Amsterdam. Take poor quality outfit photo:

 Head down early, use Uber to get to partner office. Quick meeting with managing director, and then marketing director, and then head to customer meeting. Goes well, but long. I'm starving. Wraps up and we get picked up to head to another meeting. While en route, they cancel, so we head to the airport early. Amsterdam's airport is super fancy, so I don't mind. Eat delicious local sushi. Board British Airways flight back to London - this time not Heathrow, but London City Airport. Fly in over the city and the views are gorgeous. DLR to Bank, transfer to Queensway on District Line. Order in Otto Pizza one last time.

Read today's letter from Travis. The final one.

Time for bed.

Day 21 - Wednesday 18 June: Up early and dress for final day at my Wednesday partner.

 This time they all know me and are excited to see me. I do some cold calling, book a meeting, help the team out with some more messaging. Wrap up and head to one more partner meeting in Royal Exchange. We grab a cider in a pub afterwards with the partner, a perfect farewell for me. Back to my neighborhood and head to Khan's for one last Indian meal. It's phenomenal, and I realize I'll really miss the Indian food here.

Back "home" to start to pack and head to sleep for the final time in London.

Day 22 - Thursday 19 June: Wake up on my final day in London and I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. Finish packing and then head out on a final walk around my neighborhood. Finally treat myself to breakfast at the French place I've been eyeing for weeks. 

It's the best cappuccino of my life. Come back, shower, change - my travel outfit this time:

That smile just can't be faked, folks. That's how excited I was to head home. Cab to Paddington, train to Heathrow, lunch in terminal.

Long flight. Manage to stay awake the whole time - reading the final pages of Game of Thrones, watching four movies, building a review powerpoint presentation for work. Land, customs, and get picked up by the most handsome man I have ever known. 

It feels SO good to be home with this guy. 

Posted on June 24, 2014 .