Travis didn't point out that I still had the wrap on my arm from donating blood until after he took all these photos. At that point I was too tired/hungry to want to do it all over again. Gives me something to talk about, though! My office building brings in the blood donation crew every 8 weeks, which is a perfect reminder for me to regularly donate. I started donating to get over my fear of needles, and now I am totally relaxed the entire time, as long as I don't watch them stab me! :) 

Speaking of donation, spring cleaning has led to lots of it around here. We've already dropped off 4 bags of clothes, a bag of shoes, a box of random household item duplicates we had, and have been contacting some charities to find out about donating some of the extra produce we grow in our garden but can't eat fast enough. I'm sure we'll be taking another load of stuff to be dropped off before long, as I've been working tirelessly on pointing us in the direction of a clutter-free home. Baby steps so far, but absolutely worth it. Any special tricks you guys use to stay more organized?? 

Dress: White House Black Market (similar)
Cardigan: H&M (similar)
Boots: Me Too (similar)
Tights: HUE

I think I wore this on the very last day I wore tights this year, and it felt sooooo good to know that I wouldn't have to put tights on again until the fall, barring any strange travel. Took me a while to post it, though, as I'd forgotten about it on my camera!

Posted on June 3, 2014 .