April Budget

I already kind of spoiled my April budget in a previous post, but turns out I wasn't quite telling the truth. I also bought a couple of pairs of shoes from OnlineShoes.com. As mentioned, I'm a member of their Passion Panel, and as a part of that, I got 40% off my first purchase. So here's what I bought:

Jeans: GAP $9.80

Striped Tank: Le Tote, $39 member price - $25 referral bonus = $14

Flat Sandals: DV Dolce Vita from OnlineShoes.com, $35 - 40% = $21.00
Platform Heeled Sandals: Franco Sarto from OnlineShoes.com, $107 - 40% = $64.20

Total: $109.00

Coming up in May?? I'm thinking I'll be looking for a new cargo jacket (maybe this one?) and something at LOFT, since I have a $20 off card (maybe this or this). 

Also, I've neglected to mention it here, but I have two big things coming up this summer:
 - I signed up for my first half marathon. I promised myself that once I finish the first 4 weeks of my 12-week training program, I get a new pair of running shoes. After week 8, I get a new running outfit. So you'll be seeing those in the upcoming budgets.
 - I'm going to London for 3 whole weeks for work from the end of May through the end of June. Might need to buy a couple of pieces of work attire, as I'll have to dress up much more than I do here. 

Anyway, any tips for either would be appreciated!

PS. Linking up with Fran :)

Posted on May 2, 2014 .