A Quick Switch

I tend to reach for cardigans before jackets. I think that because for a long time, I was afraid of blazers, I lumped all jackets into this area of dressing that I was afraid of. Cardigans were safe, but the rest, eh, not so much. 

So when I get dressed, this is often how I start:

Nothing bad at all, in my opinion. But I've been making an effort to look for times to add a blazer or jacket instead. And for this outfit, I realized that my super-thin cargo jacket would make a more interesting outfit. 

Shirt: LOFT
Pants: Urban Outfitters - ON SALE FOR $30!
Shoes: Banana Republic (similar)
Cardigan: BP (similar)
Cargo Jacket: Forever21 (similar)

Also, I think if I wore this again, I'd skip the necklace. But I think a necklace, in theory, isn't a bad idea. What style would you recommend?!?
Posted on May 21, 2014 .