Weekend with Sissy

I mentioned in this post that Trav and I took my sissy out for a day of adventure in the islands west of Seattle. I wanted to share a bit more about our day, so here are the photos that didn't make their way to Instagram (sissy's Insta, my Insta):

Ebey Landing.

Sis in control of the camera.

Sis & me on Deception Pass bridge.

My New Merrells c/o OnlineShoes.com

Sis making Trav nervous looking over the edge.

Skagit County Tulip Festival

My happy place.

No, really, if I could have this last year-round, I'd visit every day.

After driving around all day and exploring, Travis and I realized we really want to do this more often, so we'll be making an effort to pick a weekend each month to get out and explore Western Washington. And Fran, next time you visit, I think a trip to the islands is in order!

Posted on April 29, 2014 .