Shopping Update: 2 Things in April

Remember how I'm trying to only buy one item a month? And how in March, I made up some pretty great excuses to buy more? Well, I'm not even trying to buy one item this month, because there is one item that now is sentimentally a favorite, and there is another that has been on my list for too long to ignore. 

Here's the plan. I'm buying the tank top I wore for our engagement photos. 
Thanks to La Luz Photography for this gem. 
I got it from Le Tote, and I have already worn it 3 times, one of the times being for our engagement photos. About 4 months ago, someone (not naming names, TRAVIS) washed my favorite striped shirt with a sharpie from work, and it was the only thing in the laundry destroyed. So I've been promised a b&w striped replacement from the sweetest, most apologetic fiancé there ever has been in all the land. And this tank from Le Tote is the winner. 

The other thing I couldn't keep putting off are some boyfriend jeans. I've been putting them off, and only wearing my 2 pairs of LOFT skinny jeans, for months now, simply because trying on jeans sucks. Does anyone else find it extremely frustrating and annoying to try on pair after pair after pair?! Anyway, on Friday I talked myself into it and stopped at GAP on my lunch break. And after trying on only 4 pairs, I found some! I think I still want to get some darker ones, but for now, I'm loving the idea of a lighter pair.
Jeans: GAP

I'll likely be wearing these for Third Thursday Threads as I've been so inspired by so many outfits. Don't forget to link up on Thursday! 
Posted on April 14, 2014 .