Le Tote Round Two

After hearing Fran rave about Le tote, I had to try it myself. As you know, I ended up keeping this top from the first round with them, and this second round has been great. Click through here to sign up yourself, and make sure you let me know what you think!!

Here's my box, freshly unpacked, upon receipt. 

Looks perfect, right? In theory, it was, and a few of the pieces are REALLY me, but a couple didn't fit that great and weren't really my style. I think that's what I love so much about Le Tote - I can send this bunch back as soon as I want, and they will ship another one; it isn't one package per month, like with a lot of clothes "rental" services. 

This shirt was cute, but way too short & boxy for my frame. The texture was beautiful, but also made it look a bit wrinkled, which I didn't love. 

This sweater was SO soft, but super short in the front. It's a bit tough for me to style shirts like this, but the colors and fit of the rest of it was amazing. 

But this next shirt, I love. The triangle shape, the leather shoulders, the two tone- concept. I love it all. And it fit wonderfully. 

This dress was my favorite, until I tried it on. Then it was WAY too tight in the chest. Hard to see in this picture, but just trust me. 

I got a couple of pieces of jewelry - loved the necklace (seen below), and decided not to wear the bracelet - it was just a bit too clunky for my taste. 

Overall, I still LOVE Le Tote - mostly because as I dump it back in the mail today, I know I'll get another tote soon; I don't have to wait at all for a rollover month or waiting period, like with some other services. 

Posted on April 30, 2014 .