Improving Our Eating Habits: An Update

Remember that post where I mentioned Travis and I were going to work on our breakfasts and lunches? Well, things have been going really well! I'll be sharing a bit more tomorrow, but I wanted to stop in and share a few of our favorite breakfasts lately. 

Overnight Oats: About three nights a week we prepare some overnight oats for the following morning. Here's the basic recipe (I don't measure, but I've estimated to help those of you who prefer to measure): 1/2c old fashioned oats, 1/3c greek yogurt, and 1/3c milk. From there, we add flavor. The one pictured below has walnuts, half a banana, a dash of cinnamon, and some black chia seeds. Another favorite is frozen blueberries, sliced strawberries, and a splash of maple syrup. We've tried a few others, but those are the ones we tend to go back to each and every week. Once all the ingredients are in the jar, we put the lid on it, shake it up, and throw it into the fridge. In the morning, we typically eat it cold, but sometimes I'll throw mine in the microwave for 30 seconds and eat it hot.  

Toast with Avocado & Egg: We have a few variations of this one, but I prefer it pretty simple. Slice of toast, half an avocado smashed up all over it, a heavy shake or two of crushed red peppers, and a fried egg. I love when the yolk is still soft and adds to the flavor of the whole piece of toast. Travis will sometimes add a slice of tomato to his, but I prefer mine without. When we eat this, we typically pair it with a pear - half for him and half for me.

Toast with Almond Butter & Bananas: Travis still isn't on board with this, so he'll use regular peanut butter. No explanation needed here. Just super simple. 

About once a week I'll just scramble a couple of eggs with leftovers from the night before, but I didn't snap any photos of those the last couple of weeks. 

Our morning routine has gotten so easy - I get upstairs a few minutes before Trav and pull breakfast together while starting some water to make coffee (we make it the old school way in a french press most days; it's our favorite that way). Trav comes up, we sit down and eat together (this part is my favorite - we talk about our upcoming day and what we should cook for dinner that night), and then we pack our lunches and Trav finishes the coffee, pouring it into to-go cups for our commute to work. Lots of the time we will have prepped lunch from leftovers the night before, so it's as simple as grabbing some carrots & celery, the leftovers, and a piece of fruit for our day. 

Thanks for all of the advice you've given on how to improve our eating habits. I'd love to hear more!  I'll share a bit about how we keep energy up throughout the day and what we like to eat for lunches in the coming weeks.

Posted on April 11, 2014 .